Verslag - Redemption aan de Amstel

6 november 2016

by Dan Mahoney (vader van Liliane)

Dark clouds loomed above in the grey sky.  The only blue and white to be seen stood across the midfield line – the stripey shirts of Ouderkerk.  Reeling from a tough loss the AFC girls faced down the big question of the week: Could they be less nice without being mean?

Ouderkerk took the ball first and went on the attack.  At 4 minutes they were zeroing in on the goal, but Khansae made a save to defuse the early danger.  Minutes later the rain would set in, sending the parents cheering section running for cover.  Dodging the raindrops, Nicki made a speedy breakaway which was deflected by the keeper.  A whistle for hand-ball at the 10 minute mark brought Julia face to face with the Ouderkerk goalie.  She squared off and sent a high flyer up and over the crossbar!  Two more shots followed in quick succession, including a hard line drive, but the opponent’s keeper pushed them away.  Charlotte stopped 3 girls from breaking away.  Izzy raced up the side after a hard tackle.  Pilou sent a long shot wide. Good defense led to a break with Sophie zooming along the line.  The first corner came at 25 minutes, but it was well defended and cleared.  There was a lot of back and forth across the middle, and the teams continued to look evenly matched.  The whistle signaled the end of the half with no goals on the board.

AFC eagerly took to the field out of the kleedkamer.  One minute in brought the first of several charges from Marieke and Nikki, but they couldn’t find a gap.  After that Ouderkerk managed to hold the ball in AFC territory despite five attempts to clear it.  Then AFC went on the attack: Khansae longshot wide left, Nikki spins to sneak one past, Khansae off right and then another hard liner knocked down by the keeper.  Finally at 12 minutes, Fay sent it deep into the middle and Julia booted it into the back of net!  1-0!!  Their opponent was not discouraged, so Bella and Sanna had to hold the right side with strong defense.  Ouderkerk managed a deep cross at 18 minutes, but Liliane ran out to grab it.  Sanna made a quick turn and had a look at the goal, but the blue and white wall closed ranks.  Izzy foiled a fast breakaway, kicking the ball out right.  Wietske stopped a full charge at midfield and sent it back for an AFC attack.  As the clock ticked down things got heel spannend in front of the AFC goal, but the team responded calmly and effectively.  When will that final whistle blow??  At last time expired.  Victory!!

The match was characterized by rumbling, stumbling, and tumbling across the wet pitch, and the girls most definitely showed toughness.  After the match Nick noted, “They fought well and played well.  They’ve definitely got the day off tomorrow!”  As the team piled into the cars for the return trip, a giant double rainbow spanned into Amsterdam.  Well played!



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