Verslag - A “pittige” match for AFC’s M013-1 girls

29 oktober 2016

It was a picture-perfect fall day in Uithoorn—bright blue sky, soccer fields trimmed in ochre-colored trees. The mood of the MO13-1 players was sunny, too. They felt confident and with reason; they had won four regular season matches so far this year and drawn one.. With a win today, they’d move up in the rankings, maybe even to first place.

            Their opponent, the Legmeervogels also had reason to feel confident. While they were several spots lower in the rankings than AFC, they held the same exact scoring record. Both teams had scored 29 goals so far this year and given up only seven. It would be a competitive match.

            The game started strong, all girls running hard and fighting for every ball. AFC dominated during in the first fifteen minutes and keeper Khansae Raji made a spectacular save eleven minutes in. But the pressure didn’t last. Nineteen minutes in, the Legmeervogels scored their first goal and less than five minutes later, followed up with a second. That took the wind out of AFC’s sails. While the midfield fought very hard—Fay Mills and Isabelle Pope played brilliantly, pushing aggressively for every ball—the Legmeervogel’s defense was too strong to breach. Their goalie was good, too. During the first half, we had more than a half dozen shots on goal, but not one went in.

            About ten minutes into the second half, forwards Sophie Tilman and Nikkie Sousdi led a mad scramble in front of Legmeervogel’s goal. To parents on the sidelines, it looked like the ball might have gone in. Did we score?! No, the score remained at 0-2. There were several more tense scuffles in front of Legmeervogel’s goal, but then the Legmeervogels got another breakaway and scored again, bringing the final score to 0-3.

            We parents on the sidelines shrugged. It had been a “pittige wedstrijd,” as one mother put it, but we were ultimately outplayed by the Legmeervogels, who fought more aggressively. When it came to one-on-one match-ups, we often ended up short and they had a few star players who really shone today.  As our team leader Nick Mills put it after the match, “Er had wat meer pit in mogen zitten vandaag.” The girls were too “lief”; they needed to be more aggressive. Nick added with a grin: “Morgen om 7:30u straftraining in het Amsterdams Bos.” Luckily, we all knew he was joking.

Right, Nick?



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